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Easy Listening with great frequencies: a respectful update for Bert Kaempfert’s orchestra sound.

An extraordinary tribute album has been produced on the occasion of Bert Kaempfert’s 95th birthday: “Strangers In Dub” brings the easy listening maestro’s music into the present. The album is the work of Heidelberg producer Pit Baumgartner with his band De-Phazz, which has been a pioneer in the field of well-tempered downbeat sounds since the 90s and is based on the album “SOOTHING THE TIGER. THE GENTLE SOUND OF HERBERT REHBEIN & HIS ORCHESTRA.”

Strangers In Dub – Bert Kaempfert meets De-Phazz

Silver Sport Records
# 1036005SSR
Release: 16. November 2018

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From this repertoire Baumgartner has chosen songs in which he found hooks and cool themes to compress, for example “STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT”, “MOON MAID”, “LADY”, “MALAYSIAN MELODY”, “LOVE AFTER MIDNIGHT” and “MY WAY OF LIFE”. The fiery De-Phazz singer Pat Appleton with her soul-inspired voice and Sandie Wollasch, who contributes the smooth elements, provide the nuances. Rapper Gee Pierce, who comes from the Wu-Tang Clan scene, adds the required bite on “SPANISH EYES”.

As of 12 October the radio single “MALAYSIAN MELODY“ with “STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT” will be available in digital form from: iTunes and GooglePlay

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