Sheet Music

Sheet music versions of Bert Kaempfert’s hits

best-of-bert-kaempfert-songbookDue to the great interest shown in the sheet music versions of Bert Kaempfert’s hits, on this page you will find online shops and download portals for the printed arrangements licensed by us.

A wide selection for various instruments and with different levels of difficulty is provided for both amateur and professional musicians.



Big band arrangements
including an optional string section

Direct sales Bert Kaempfert Music Publishing

  • „L.O.V.E.“   (→ Notes)
  • „REMEMBER WHEN“   (→ Notes)
  • „SPANISH EYES“   (→ Notes)

Direct sales Schacht Musikverlage

  • „AFRIKAAN BEAT“   (→ Notes)
  • „A SWINGIN’ SAFARI“   (→ Notes)
  • „DANKE SCHOEN“   (→ Notes)