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Hoffest on Bert-Kaempfert-Platz 2017 – Review

Sylvia VrethammarIdeal weather ensured that some 3,000 people came to the now traditional Hoffest on Bert-Kaempfert-Platz in Hamburg-Barmbek.

The programme of live music was opened by the director of the “Museum der Arbeit”. Then, on behalf of the Bert Kaempfert Foundation board, Doris Kaempfert presented the annual sponsorship prize to Edgar Herzog and Paul Muntean from “Big Band Port Hamburg e.V.” in recognition of its exemplary promotion of young talent. The “Early Birds” youngsters big band gave a display of their skills on the large stage.

The high point was the performance by the Swedish jazz singer Sylvia Vrethammar with her all-star band and special guest Ack van Rooyen. Samba rhythms, American Songbook and top-quality jazz soon had the audience in Barmbek swinging.


Foto Copyright G2 Baraniak/Bert Kaempfert Music