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On the occasion of Bert Kaempfert’s 91st Anniversary we are pleased to present the revamped Bert Kaempfert website in a new, clear and user-friendly design.

A sophisticated search function provides rapid access to Bert Kaempfert’s extensive oeuvre. The complete details of all the albums currently available together with all the songs published on them – totalling 566 – are linked to a database. This makes the website a powerful tool for both professionals and all those interested in music – as well as being a simply inexhaustible source of information for his fans.

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remember when… –
Paul Kuhn Meets Bert Kaempfert

Remember When... – Paul Kuhn Meets Bert KaempfertSilver Spot Records
# 1036004SSR
Release Date: April 10, 2015
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Paul Kuhn and Bert Kaempfert are without doubt two of the leading lights in the music business. Both had their biggest successes at the same time although in fact they never met in person.

In 2001 they come together notionally in a studio: Bert Kaempfert provides his great compositions while Paul Kuhn acts as arranger, bandleader and interpreter.

For this production Paul Kuhn has put together a first-class orchestra formation with violinists and extraordinary instrumental soloists and singers. The arrangements of the Kaempfert songs sound true to his style, invigoratingly fresh and in keeping with the times. The result is an outstanding album, which is being re-released on Silver Spot Records in honour of these two great musicians.

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