Welcome to the Good Life Music of Bert Kaempfert

“If people know my tunes, that’s enough.
My music says everything I have to say.”
Bert Kaempfert

Bert Kaempfert, often described nowadays as the father of easy listening, was not only a practicing musician. As an arranger, he shaped an orchestra sound that was and still is an international success and trendsetter. Today his recordings are still being released all over the world, and he is the composer behind many world famous songs.

Enjoy the Good Life Music of Bert Kaempfert!


An Unassuming Citizen of the World – In memoriam Bert Kaempfert

4_8_1-90_birthdayBert Kaempfert’s 90th Anniversary was celebrated on 16 October 2013 with reminiscences and a wealth of music.

Associates from the world of music, friends and relations commemorated the composer and bandleader Bert Kaempfert at a ceremony held on 16 October 2013. To celebrate this event Kaempfert’s daughter Doris had invited guests to gather at the casino at Hamburg’s Stephansplatz, where Bert Kaempfert’s career began after the Second War War.

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    Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra
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